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Fichet-Bauche was formed in the 1960s following the merger of two successful safe making companies. Alexandre Fichet began his company in 1825, bringing his first fire resistant safe to the market in the 1840s. Meanwhile, Auguste-Nicholas Bauche began to produce fire resistant safes from his factory in Gueux near Reims from around 1864.

Both companies came to the forefront of their areas of expertise, with Fichet renowned for their vault room doors, armour-plated safes and high security innovations, while Bauche continued to push the envelope in developing fire resistant safes. In 1879, Bauche demonstrated his advances by putting 100,000 francs in safe and subjecting it to fire repeatedly. The francs survived the demonstration unscathed.

Fichet continued to expand, opening branches in Italy, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Romania and Brazil. The company installed their first surveillance and alarm system in 1926.

The two companies merged to form Fichet-Bauche in 1967, bringing together two of the most respected and experienced companies in the industry. In 1999, the company became a part of the large security multinational Gunnebo.

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